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Yoga Class

Yoga for wellness

A supportive and inclusive community, that provides body positivity and mindfulness to all. 

Yin Yoga

  Filter Out the Noise


  • Do you feel lethargic, tired, out of touch? 

  • Do you want a deeper understanding of yourself?

  • Are you missing a positive community?

Yoga Classes

Pole Fitness


Bringing a new energy to life and giving you the tools to find a healthier state of mind.


Calm your mind, learn mindful meditation and be you. 

Pole Fitness

A full body work and a total blast at the same time.

Aerial Yoga

For all body and personality types to gain strength, endurance, and enjoy fitness.

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2. Find Your Community

3. Have Fun and Glow

Start Your Journey

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I LOVE Limber Tree. Locally owned with a variety of amazing teachers and classes that fit every level. I have done prenatal yoga here and love their classes for a regular reset during the chaotic workweek. Best studio in Billings!!!!


Wonderful atmosphere, and a brilliant instructor with a soothing voice! 

I took the aerial yoga class with my coworkers and I enjoyed myself immensely. Highly recommend - I will be back!

It felt so uplifting to finally get back to moving again - especially with yoga! Thank you for opening up over here - the studio is so beautiful and calming. Can not wait for the next class and when I’m healed up enough to do aerial!!

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In Need Of Extra Positivity In Your Life? 

Thrive by moving forward and joining our inclusive community.

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